Pickard and Yang Edit New Book, Media Activism in the Digital Age

From memes to zines, hacktivism to artivism, this is an exciting moment in the evolution of media activism studies. Media Activism in the Digital Age, a new book edited by Professors Victor Pickard and Guobin Yang, serves as an invaluable guide to this vibrant and evolving field of research.

Composed of essays by leading scholars and activists, this book provides case studies of feminist, technological, and political interventions that span historical periods and consider local, national, and global experiences. Media Activism in the Digital Age explores how varieties of activism are mediated through communication technologies, how activists deploy strategies for changing the structures of media systems, and how governments and corporations seek to police media activism.

Each section begins with an introduction written by an Annenberg student or recent graduate, including Sandra Ristovska (Ph.D. ’16), Tim Libert, Jonathan Pace, and Rosemary Clark-Parsons.

Media Activism in the Digital Age is the latest volume in the Shaping Inquiry in Culture, Communication and Media Studies series, published by Routledge. Professor Barbie Zelizer is the series editor.