Mutz Awarded David O. Sears Book Award for In-Your-Face Politics

Professor Diana Mutz has been awarded the David O. Sears Book Award from the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) for her 2015 book In-Your-Face Politics: The Consequences of Uncivil Media (Princeton University Press). She received the award at the ISPP's annual meeting in July in Warsaw, Poland. 

The David O. Sears Book Award is given for the best book published in the field of political psychology of mass politics, including political behavior, political values, political identities, and political movements during the previous calendar year.

Each year the award is determined by an international and interdisciplinary committee, who seeks to identify a book of the highest quality of thought that makes a major substantive contribution to the field of political psychology. It is also meant to increase substantially our understanding of an issue (or issues) that is central to the concerns of mass politics and the world in which we live. 

Mutz is the fifth recipient of this annual award. The previous winners were Christopher F. Karpowitz (Brigham Young University) and Tali Mendelberg (Princeton University) for “The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberation and Institutions” (Princeton University Press, 2014) and Deborah Jordan Brooks (Dartmouth College) for “He Runs, She Runs: Why Gender Stereotypes Do Not Harm Women Candidates” (Princeton University Press, 2013).