The Internet Policy Observatory: A Monitoring and Civil Society Capacity-Building Project

Grant Number: 
US Department of State (DRL)
Date Range: 
08 May 2013 to 31 May 2018

The overarching goal of the Internet Policy Observatory (IPO) is to deepen the reservoir of researchers and advocates in regions where Internet freedom is threatened or curtailed and to support the production of innovative, high-quality, and impactful internet policy research. The IPO facilitates collaboration between research and advocacy communities, builds research mentorships between emerging and established scholars, and engages in trainings to build capacity for more impactful digital rights research and advocacy. 

Through the IPO’s three-pronged approach, the program seeks to educate a network of advocates and researchers, produce high-impact, locally-relevant research in furtherance of Internet freedom objectives, and help connect researchers and mentors to foster collaboration, mobilization, and increase research impact.