"Saving the News: Toward a National Journalism Strategy." FreePress, 2009.

Special Report
Victor Pickard, Josh Stearns, and Craig Aaron

This special report is an in-depth analysis of ideas and proposals being debated about the future of the news business and advocates for a range of short- and long-term strategies. Saving the News calls for a far-reaching national journalism strategy built around the principles of protecting the First Amendment, producing quality news coverage, providing adversarial perspectives, promoting public accountability and prioritizing innovation.

Saving the News identifies five promising ideas that should be top priorities for policymakers:

  • New Ownership Structures. Encouraging the establishment of nonprofit and low-profit news organizations through tax-exempt and low-profit limited liability company (L3C) models.
  • New Incentives. Creating tax incentives and revising bankruptcy laws to encourage local, diverse, nonprofit, low-profit and employee ownership.
  • Journalism Jobs Program. Funding training and retraining for novice and veteran journalists in multimedia and investigative reporting.
  • R&D Fund for Journalism Innovation. Investing in innovative projects and experimenting to identify and nurture new models.
  • New Public Media. Transforming public media into a world-class noncommercial news operation utilizing new technology and focused on community service.