"Social influence and the brain: persuasion, susceptibility to influence and retransmission." Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2015.

Christopher Cascio, Christin Scholz, and Emily Falk

Social influence is an important topic of research, with a particularly long history in the social sciences. Recently, social influence has also become a topic of interest among neuroscientists. The aim of this review is to highlight current research that has examined neural systems associated with social influence, from the perspective of being influenced as well as influencing others, and highlight studies that link neural mechanisms with real-world behavior change beyond the laboratory. Although many of the studies reviewed focus on localizing brain regions implicated in influence within the lab, we argue that approaches that account for networks of brain regions and that integrate neural data with data beyond the laboratory are likely to be most fruitful in understanding influence.

Published in Volume 3, pages 51-57