"Alternative libraries as discursive formations: Reclaiming the voice of the deaccessioned book." Journal of Documentation, 2012.

Gary Radford, Marie Radford, and Jessa Lingel

Deaccessioning, the deliberate culling, disposing, or selling of books from a collection, is one of the most controversial aspects of the collection development function of the library. This article aims to examine what can become of this universe of deaccessioned books through a consideration of two alternative libraries, or libraries‐which‐are‐not‐libraries. The existence of such alternative libraries allows one to address questions such as: Can the value of a deaccessioned book be reclaimed and, if so, how? Do these books continue to have a voice and, if so, what is it possible for that voice to say?

Published in Volume 68, Issue 2, pages 254-267