Professor Krippendorff serves as consultant to industrial designers


The Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, invited Professor Klaus Krippendorff to be one of the critics of graduate work done at its 3-D (Industrial Design) Studio on February 1, 2003. His visit culminated in a public lecture on Design Discourse on February 2. In that lecture, Dr. Krippendorff analyzed the way of languaging among designers, the reasons for their current inability to defend themselves from being colonized by other discourses, and what needs to be done to develop indigenous design methods and empirical research in the service of design activity.

On February 3-4, 2003, Dr. Krippendorff consulted at Ohio State’s Industrial Design Department on a fascinating project geared to develop an intelligent cockpit for future cross-over automobiles. The task was to invent new computer-aided features of driving support, using different senses, especially support for peripheral vision and communication with other drivers. He also gave a lecture on Product Semantics, An Introduction.