Professor Krippendorff delivers keynote speech at the New York State Communication Association


The New York State Communication Association (NYSCA) invited Professor Klaus Krippendorff as key note speaker to its 60th anniversary annual conference, October 25-27, 2002 in Terrytown, New York. The theme of the conference was Imagining the Possible: Communication, Crisis, and Social Change. Drawing on this theme, Dr. Krippendorff's address, "The Possibility of Possibility," contrasted two paradigms of knowing: science and design. He suggested that in modernist science, possibilities and theories are incompatible. Communication scholarship, by adopting largely technological metaphors--transmission, channels, messages, content, influence, power, is constrained by this kind of knowing. By contrast, design is predicated to a continuous creation of possibilities heretofore unexplored. This is the kind of knowing that drives technology, the Internet, and much of everyday living and communicating. To come to grips with the human involvement in our information society, participating in the creation of possibilities--design--is essential.