Yang is the Featured Speaker at New York University Seminar

Professor Guobin Yang was one of the speakers during the “Media & Asian Globalization: China and India, 1977 – Present” event. The title of Prof. Yang’s talk was “Translation and the Transnationalization of Chinese Internet Activism.”  

Abstract: Translator communities, such as Translators for Peace and Translator Brigades, are an important part of the anti-globalization movement in the world. While most online translator communities in China are fan-based networks for translating entertainment programs, a growing number of them specialize in translation as activism and advocacy. In addition, individual activists on Twitter and Weibo strategically use translation to gain visibility in the global media arena and voice in the Chinese blogosphere. Who are the translators? What texts are more likely to be selected for translation? Do translators embellish their narratives to guide reader responses? How do these translation practices shape Chinese internet activism? How do they influence the international circulation of dissent and oppositional identities? This paper addresses these questions by analyzing a sample of individual and collective translation projects, revealing patterns of asymmetry in the global flows of digital translation activism.

The event, taking place at New York University (NYU), is sponsored by the NYU Global Research Initiatives, Office of the Provost; Asian Film and Media Initiative, Cinema Studies at NYU Tisch; The Humanities Initiative; The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU Steinhardt; The NYU Department of History