Krippendorff's ICA Paper Becomes Book Chapter


Professor Klaus Krippendorff's theme paper for the 2009 ICA’s conference in Singapore was published in the form of a book chapter titled: Discourse and the Materiality of Its Artifacts. Chapter 2, pages 23-46 in Matters of Communication: Political, Cultural, and Technological Challenges to Communication Theorizing. Timothy R. Kuhn (Editor). New York: Hampton Press (2011).   The chapter explores the rarely conceptualized relationships between language and matter, which can be considered foundational to social constructions of reality. it shows how traditional linguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis and content analysis fail to consider the realm of matter, which is always present in the body of the members of a discourse community and what discourses do, ranging from the reproduction of text to the construction of technological artifacts. It develops a conception of discourse as a self-organizing social system, discusses the affordances of such systems, suggests how discourse dynamics proceeds, investigates several discursive logics that can be identified in technological artifacts, and ends in a discussion of how this relates to conceptions of communication.