Krippendorff Receives Honorary Degree From Linnaeus University


Professor Klaus Krippendorff was awarded the Swedish degree of Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa from Linnaeus University (LNU) in Kalmar, Sweden, this May 25.   The university's official motivation for its choice reads as follows:

"Prof. Krippendorff has wide ranging experience from the fields of design, communication and technology. He is a major influence on the development of global design discourses through his work and especially through his well-known book of 2006, The Semantic Turn.

“Prof. Krippendorff has through his scholarly work also had a direct influence on the development of the field of design and the design educations at LNU. The Semantic Turn is today used in all design programs offered at LNU. His influence has also extended into the field of media and communication sciences, in which his book Content Analysis is a part of the disciplinary canon since the 1980s. A new edition was published in 2004.”   Prof. Krippendorff was one of five recipients of the honorary degrees. The other recipients were Jeffrey C. Alexander, Yale University; Lorraine Wright, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Kexuan Tang, Shanghai Jiao Tung University, Shanghai, China; and Lena Holmberg, Malmö University, Sweden.   You can view a slide show of the celebration here.   A draft of Prof. Krippendorff’s acceptance speech here.