Krippendorff Contributes Chapter to Book


Professor Klaus Krippendorff contributed a chapter, titled: ” Cybernetics as discourse” to an edited volume (Pages 434-451) in V?ra Barandovská-Frank Ed.). Littera Scripta Manet, Serta in Honorem Helmar Frank. Paderborn/Prag: Academia Libroservo. 2013.

The chapter analyses the language of cybernetics as a discourse. To understand an academic discipline not in terms of the validity of its theories but as a language that has technological, social, and political implications started with Margaret Mead. While this academic attention has not been wide spread, the language of cybernetics has revolutionized communication about and with the electronic infrastructure of contemporary society in ways that go far beyond the theories of the founders of cybernetics. The paper lays the foundations of a paradigm shift in cybernetics towards discourse. It outlines some key concepts for cyberneticians to not only be able to assume responsibilities for what their language is constructing, but also solve some of the social problems that contemporary society is facing. The chapter is another step in Klaus Krippendorff’s ongoing project of developing an epistemology that makes the working of language transparent, here assuring that cybernetics can be applied to itself.