Krippendorff Paper Hits “Download” Milestone from Scholarly Commons


A paper written by Annenberg’s Klaus Krippendorff as a means to reduce the number of questions he was receiving about Krippendorff’s alpha (α) coefficient has reached a milestone of sorts. The nine-page paper, written by Prof. Krippendorff in 2007 in order to address frequently-asked questions about the tool, has become the most downloaded paper from Penn’s Scholarly Commons Repository, a collection of scholarly output by researchers at Penn that is maintained by the Penn Libraries. The Scholarly Commons promotes dissemination of the collection work, and preserves it in a freely-accessible, long-term archive. Prof. Krippendorff, the Gregory Bateson Professor of Communication, was notified of this milestone recently by the Penn Libraries.“I had not written the paper to get it published, but rather to address all of the frequent questions I was receiving about it,” he said. “This certainly does demonstrate the effectiveness of the Scholarly Commons.” Has the paper reduced the number of basic questions he receives about Krippendorff’s alpha? “Not exactly,” he said. “I get far more sophisticated questions now, like one from a neurophysiologist in India who had a question about its use in therapeutic research.” More information about Krippendorff’s alpha, and a link to the paper, is available at Prof. Krippendorff’s web site.