ASC@Penn News Digest, Summer 2020


Journal Articles

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson: "Countering Identity-protective Responses to Climate Change Data" (Environmental Communication)

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson: "Improving GM Consensus Acceptance Through Reduced Reactance and Climate Change-based Message Targeting" (Environmental Communication)

Research Director Dan Romer: "Numeracy and Memory for Risk Probabilities and Risk Outcomes Depicted on Cigarette Warning Labels" (Health Psychology)

Postdoctoral Fellow Samantha Moore-Berg, Postdoctoral Fellow Boaz Hameiri, Research Scientist Emile Bruneau: “Exaggerated Meta-Perceptions Predict Intergroup Hostility Between American Political Partisans” (PNAS)

Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Walshe: "Simulator Pre-Screening of Underprepared Drivers Prior to Licensing On-Road Examination: Clustering of Virtual Driving Test Time Series Data"  (Journal of Medical Internet Research)

Doctoral Candidate Soojong Kim: “An Evolutionary Model of the Emergence of Meanings” (Communication Methods and Measures)

Doctoral Student Sophie Maddocks: “‘A Deepfake Porn Plot Intended to Silence Me’: Exploring Continuities Between Pornographic and ‘Political’ Deep Fakes” (Porn Studies)

Doctoral Candidate Pawel Popiel: “Lost in Translation? Theorizing Public Influence on Policymaking via the 2018 Net Neutrality Repeal” (Critical Studies in Media Communication)

Doctoral Candidate Tian Yang and alum Yilang Peng (Ph.D. ’19): “The Importance of Trending Topics in the Gatekeeping of Social Media News Engagement: A Natural Experiment on Weibo” (Communication Research)

Alum Khadijah Costley White (Ph.D. ’13): “Anointments and Prestige: Reflecting on #CommunicationSoWhite with Herman Gray and Oscar Gandy” (Communication, Culture & Critique)

Book Reviews, Commentaries, and Essays

Professor Damon Centola: “The Complex Contagion of Doubt in the Anti-Vaccine Movement” in Meeting the Challenge of Vaccination Hesitancy (Sabin Vaccine Institute) [READ MORE]

In the Media

Penn Today: “Scholarship Through the Lens of an Iconic Media Brand” quoted Dean John L. Jackson, Jr. and Visiting Scholar Amitanshu Das.

Professor Damon Centola was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Paideia Program Announces 20 Inaugural Fellows Who Will Take Civic Discourse Seminars” quoted Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Penn Today: “Cultivating Robust Civil Dialogue During Times of Unrest” quoted Professor Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Psychology Today: “Why Persuasion Is Personal: The Neuroscience of Influence” quoted Professor Emily Falk.

Portland Monthly: “The Role of Social Media in Social Movements” quoted Professor Sandra González-Bailón.

The Atlantic: “The Headlines That Are Covering Up Police Violence” was written by Professor Sarah J. Jackson.

Professor Sarah J. Jackson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Washington Post: “Our Study Found Little Evidence that Twitter is Biased against Conservative Opinion Leaders” was written by Doctoral Candidate Subhayan Mukerjee and Professor Yphtach Lelkes.

Professor Yphtach Lelkes was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Christian Science Monitor: “The Internet as it Is: ‘Lurking’ Shows the Web’s Wins and Losses” quoted Professor Jessa Lingel.

KCBS Radio: “#AllCountriesMatter Trends on Social Media for Fourth of July” interviewed Professor Jessa Lingel. [AUDIO]

USA Today: “US Hits 3M Coronavirus Cases – about a Quarter of the World's Total. What Number Will Spark Societal Changes to Slow Exponential Rise?” quoted Professor Emeritus Carolyn Marvin.

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Innovation for All: “Gig Work is Different for Women and Undocumented Immigrants, with Julia Ticona” interviewed Professor Julia Ticona. [AUDIO]

ABC 7 WJLA: “Social Media Companies Split Over How to Handle Trump Posts” quoted Professor Joseph Turow.

Professor Barbie Zelizer was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Communication Major Consolidates 12 Concentrations to Five New Options in Curriculum Update” quoted Associate Dean Litty Paxton on changes to the Undergraduate Program.

Discover Magazine: “From Minneapolis to Facebook Feeds, Police Protests are Roiling our Psyches” quoted Research Scientist Emile Bruneau.

Scientific American: “It Shouldn’t Be Taboo to Publish Images of Those Killed by Violence” was written by Research Affiliate Jessica Fishman.

The Guardian: “‘Stop Treating Protests like Coachella’: Influencers Criticized for Capitalizing on Movement” quoted Research Affiliate Emily Dean Hund.

CNN: “Online Petitions Work Best When You Do More than Just Sign” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Rosemary Clark-Parsons.

Scientific American: “Unraveling the Mindset of Victimhood” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Boaz Hameiri.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Incoming GAPSA President Aims to Uplift Black, International Graduate Students” quoted Doctoral Student Kelly Diaz.

Penn Today: “Local News Volume Does Not Increase Pro-Social Behaviors during COVID-19” quoted Doctoral Candidate Sean Fischer.

VOA News: “Release of Pro-Iran Militants Signals Governance Challenge in Iraq, Experts Say” quoted Doctoral Candidate Mohammed A. Salih.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Public Health Leaders Should Address African Americans’ Coronavirus Vaccine Concerns Now” was written by Doctoral Student Chioma Woko.

Penn Medicine: “Videos, Webinars and Lots of Feedback: Medical Training’s Shift Amid COVID-19” quoted Staff Member Kyle Cassidy.

Philadelphia Tribune: “Entrepreneur Focuses on Helping Black Women Get Fit” quoted Staff Member Debra Williams.

Awards & Honors

Professor Sandra González-Bailón was named a 2020-21 Penn Fellow. [READ MORE]

Professor Diana C. Mutz won an award for the best paper published in Political Science Research and Methods in 2019-20 for her paper entitled "Attitudes toward Economic Inequality: The Illusory Agreement."

Doctoral Student Antoine Haywood received a 2020-21 Graduate Student Fellowship for Teaching Excellence from Penn’s Center for Teaching and Learning. [READ MORE]

Doctoral Student Lizzie Martin was named a 2020 APSA Public Scholarship Fellow. [READ MORE]

At the (Virtual) Podium

Dean John L. Jackson, Jr. was a speaker in a panel discussion entitled “Doing Ethnography Remotely: Question-and-Answer Webinar.” [VIDEO]

Professor Joseph N. Cappella delivered a webinar entitled “Communication Challenges Surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic” for the Rollins School of Public Health Training Center.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson took part in the American Philosophical Society keynote discussion for “Evidence: The Use and Misuse of Data” Symposium Program.

Professor Victor Pickard gave the following virtual lectures:

One of the slots of the 2020 Privacy Law Scholars Conference, held virtually, centered on Professor Joseph Turow’s paper “Seductive Surveillance and Social Change: The Rise of the Voice Intelligence Industry.”

Research Director Dan Romer was on the panel "Digital Media Issues for Children and Adolescents," as part of the Digital Media & Health: Cross-Sector Collaboration for the Public Good During a Pandemic, a virtual conference.

Doctoral Student Mary E. Andrews gave a virtual talk entitled “Moving the Needle on HIV Prevention with Behavioral Economics,” sponsored by Philadelphia Fight.

Staff Member Eugene Kiely was on a panel at GlobalFact 7, called “Too Much to Handle? Fact-Checking during a Pandemic and a Presidential Election Campaign.”

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