New Book by Annenberg’s Klaus Krippendorff and Mary Bock

Annenberg’s Klaus Krippendorff, Ph.D., the Gregory Bateson Professor of Communication, and Ph.D. candidate Mary Angela Bock are editors of the just published book The Content Analysis Reader (Sage).

The book was two and a half years in the making. It contains difficult to find historical pieces, such as by Max Weber, Gordon Allport, Harold Garfinkel, Alexander George, and Harold D. Lasswell. It reprints a diversity of practical content analyses that may be read as models for how researchers solved methodological problems of the technique, including two articles by our current faculty, Elihu Katz et al. on “Petitions and prayers: an analysis of persuasive appeals,” and Joseph N. Cappella et al. “Coding instructions: an example” (The “et al.” referring to Annenberg students/alumni: Danielle J. Mittermaier, Judith Weiner, Lee Humphreys, Tiara Falcone, and Mario Giorno). It also features the public debate on measuring television violence between CBS and the Cultural Indicators Research Team, led by former Annenberg Dean George Gerbner in the late 1970s, including Larry Gross, Michael F. Eleey, Marilyn Jackson-Beek, Suzanne Jeffries-Fox, and Nancy Signiorelly (all but Larry, Annenberg Alumni).

The book provides exemplars that content analysis researchers may consult for practical ideas and awareness of the diversity of approaches possible, and is intended as a companion to Klaus Krippendorff’s award winning Content Analysis: An Introduction to Its Methodology, 2nd Edition, published in 2004, also by Sage.