Mutz Presents "In Your Face" Politics Research at Society for Personality & Social Psychology Conference

Diana C. Mutz, Ph.D., the Samuel A. Stouffer Professor of Communication and Political Science, presented “Television and the Emotional Intensification of Politics: Why the Medium Matters” on January 17 during a pre-conference session before the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in New Orleans, LA.  

Abstract: In my previous research I have documented how the emotional intensification of politics has been aided by what I term “in your face” politics, that is, the tendency for televised presentations involving political advocates to emphasize uncivil interactions and up close camera perspectives, both of which violate interpersonal social norms. In this talk I outline how several historical changes have heightened the likelihood of this phenomenon, and what it means for television audiences. I suggest an agenda for future research with implications for both domestic and international politics.