Klaus Krippendorff is keynote speaker at the Congress of the European Communication Association


Klaus Krippendorff delivered the keynote address at the Congress of the European Communication Association, March 24-27, 2003, in Munich, Germany. Asked to speak on "The Future of Content Analysis," he suggested that this future lies in (1) overcoming the metaphor of content as contained in messages and as representing reality, in favor of a conception of text as frozen conversation, mediating between people, (2) recognizing digital information as a new e-medium from which virtually everything arises--from internet chats to written text to industrial products, to political events, and (3) developing new text analysis software for the mining--large and small scale--of digital information. Professor Krippendorff also suggested that content analysis, being empirically tied to text, is most fruitful when inquiring about phenomena that are constituted in language: individual states, human relationships, institutional facts, including how content analysts inquire into these phenomena.