Keynote Address Delivered by Krippendorff at Interaction Design Association Conference


Professor Klaus Krippendorff was invited to deliver the opening keynote address to an international conference in Amsterdam on Languages of Interactions. It took place Feb. 6 - 8 and was organized by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). He talked of Languaging Reality; Dialogue and Interaction. The topic of the conference attracted about 900 cutting-edge conceptualizers and designers of information systems with about 10,000 participants online internationally.

His keynote walked the audience through four theories from the philosophy of language and evaluated each for the features that could be implemented in platforms to aid conversations among individuals, in social organizations, and the public. It ended with a call for developing a strong professional design discourse – vocabularies, concepts, methods of inquiry, and ways of relating to stakeholders – that models itself not on technological possibilities but on dialogue or conversations and brings forth digital artifacts facilitating civility, respect for diversity, unencumbered participation, and limits unintended loopholes that could be used to undermine ethical conduct.