Ken Winneg on the 2004 election campaign in Presidential Studies Quarterly

Ken Winneg and Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson appear in the September 2005 issue of Presidential Studies Quarterly (Volume 35 Issue 3, 2005). Their article, titled "Elections: Party Identification in the 2004 Election," is based on data from the Annenberg National Election Survey. Ken is Managing Director of NAES and an incoming Annenberg Ph.D. student.

ABSTRACT: Data from the National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES) show that during the 2004 presidential election campaign, party affiliation was not entirely stable. The gap between Democrats and Republicans narrowed, continuing a pattern evident in the 2000 NAES. However, the Democrats retained their edge in party identification. Demographically, Republican party identification grew most among white evangelical Protestants. Slight gains were made among men and women. An analysis of party breakdown by state shows Republicans made significant gains in southern states but also grew in Maine and Oregon. The Democratic party made gains in a handful of states around the country.