Keeping Up with Klaus Krippendorff


Klaus Krippendorff was invited to give a public lecture at the University of Hamburg, Germany, April 29, 2004, on "Conversation, Discourse, and Mechanism; Towards a Constructivist Theory of Communication." It was followed by a workshop on how to reconcile empirical research with social constructivist ideas. Fifteen communication researchers were invited from all over Germany.

The University of Arts and Design in Helsinki, Finland, invited Dr. Krippendorff to give two public lectures on May 3-4, 2004, one on "Human-centeredness" and one on "Design Research Methodology." These were followed by workshops for Ph.D. students working on their dissertations at that University.

In March, Professor Krippendorff gave a plenary talk on "Ross Ashby's Information Theory" at the W. Ross Ashby Centenary Conference organized by the University of Illinois, Urbana, where Ashby taught. The University was celebrating his 100th anniversary.