Jamieson Discusses the Delaware U.S. Senate Race

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Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D., the Elizabeth Ware Packard Professor of Communication and Director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, commented on the Delaware U.S. Senate race in a story in the October 14 edition of The News-Journal (Wilmington, Del.).

Commenting on the debate between candidates at the University of Delaware, Jamieson said “If [Chris Coons, Democratic candidate] stumbles badly and [Christine O’Donnell, Republican candidate] performs very well in a debate, she can change the dynamic. For lesser-known candidates, the audience doesn’t have deep attitudes already formed about them. So the debate could really be consequential for either of them.”

"She [O'Donnell] has been a symbol or a representative of the tea party movement. To the extent that she performs well or poorly, the national interpretation will be, 'Here's more evidence of what the tea party movement is,'" Jamieson said.