Annenberg Presentations at IAMCR 2019

Eleven Annenberg faculty members and graduate students will present at the International Association for Media and Communication Research’s 2019 Conference, to be held July 7-11 in Madrid, Spain.

The presentations are listed below. All events will be held at the Complutense University of Madrid. For the full program, visit IAMCR’s conference website.

Monday, July 8


Algorithms and Privacy

  • Oscar Gandy, Jr. — “The Algorithm Made Me Do It! Predictive Policing, Cameras, Social Media and Affective Assessment”

Environmental Media and Communication Studies: Today and Tomorrow

  • Hanna E. Morris — “Rise of the ‘Anthropocene’: Assessing the Conceptual Contours of an Emergent Climate News Frame”

New Models of Digital News & Journalism

  • Victor Pickard — “With Crisis Comes Opportunity: Imagining a Post-Capitalist Future for Journalism”


PANEL: Memories of/and Authoritarianism

  • Barbie Zelizer — “When Authoritarianism Comes to Stay”

Tuesday, July 9


Transportation/Video Games

  • Oscar Gandy, Jr. — “Transportation and Smart City Imaginaries: A Critical Analysis of Proposals for the USDOT Smart City Challenge”

Urban Studies and Youth Culture

  • Arlene Fernández — “Disrupting Bodegas: Corner Stores, Immigrant Mythologies, and the Consumption of Urban Authenticity”


Plenary Session Two: Communication Technology and Freedom

  • Monroe Price — Speaker


Platforms Policy, Net Neutrality and Tycoons

  • Pawel Popiel — “Lost in Translation? Public Policy Input and the 2017 Net Neutrality Repeal”

PANEL: Broadcasting under Colonial Rule: Institutions, Policies, and Voices

  • Barbie Zelizer — Chair

Media and Identity Formation

  • Jeanna Sybert — “’How We Mourned’: Memory Institutions in the Aftermath of American Mass Shootings”

PANEL: Global Perspectives on NGO and Non-Profit Communications for Social Change

  • Guobin Yang — Discussant

Wednesday, July 10


Audiovisual Policies around the World

  • Pawel Popiel — “Let’s Talk about Regulation: The Revolving Door, Partisanship, and Regulatory Discourses at the FCC”

Thursday, July 11


Rhythmic Audiences

  • Celeste Wagner and Marwan M. Kraidy — “Watching Turkish Television Drama in Latin America: The Case of Argentina”