Content Analysis: An Introduction to Its Methodology Appears in its Second Edition


The second edition of Professor Klaus Krippendorff’s Content Analysis: An Introduction to Its Methodology has just been released by Sage Publications (January, 2004).

The 1980 edition, Sage's best selling communication text, was on the market for 23 years. It has been translated in Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Hungarian, used all over the world, and become the standard work on content analysis in communication research.

The new edition, twice the length of the first, proposes finer distinctions, adds recent examples, and expands on various subjects, especially on computer aided text analysis, which probably represents the most important recent development in content analysis. The book has already passed "test runs" in communication research courses at other universities. In fall 2004, Professor Krippendorff intends to use it in his own seminar on the subject.