ASC@Penn News Digest, February 2021


Book Chapters

Postdoctoral Fellow Richard Stupart: “Precarity, Technology, Identity: The Sociology of Conflict Reporting in South Sudan” in Media, Conflict and Peacebuilding in Africa: Conceptual and Empirical Considerations (Routledge 2021)

Journal Articles

Professor David Lydon-Staley and Professor Emily Falk: “The Feasibility of an In‐Scanner Smoking Lapse Paradigm to Examine the Neural Correlates of Lapses” (Addiction Biology)

Professor John B. Jemmott III: “Understanding Drivers of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Blacks” (Clinical Infectious Diseases)

Doctoral Student Lauren Bridges: “Digital Failure: Unbecoming the “Good” Data Subject through Entropic, Fugitive, and Queer Data” (Big Data & Society)

Doctoral Student Heather Jaber: “Tricksters, Cyborgs, and the Musalsal: Media Movement and Infrastructure Gaps in Arab Television” (Critical Studies in Media Communication)

Alum Yilang Peng (Ph.D. ‘19) and Doctoral Candidate Tian Yang: “Anatomy of Audience Duplication Networks: How Individual Characteristics Differentially Contribute to Fragmentation in News Consumption and Trust” (New Media & Society)

Book Reviews, Commentaries, & Essays

Professor Emeritus Oscar H. Gandy, Jr.: “Panopticons and Leviathans: Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. on Algorithmic Life” (Logic Magazine)

Professor Joseph Turow: “Journalism and the Voice Intelligence Industry” (Digital Journalism)

In the Media

Penn Today: “When the Message Matters, Use Science to Craft It” interviewed Dean John L. Jackson, Jr., Professor Andy Tan, and Faculty Research Associate Jessica Fishman.

Daily Mail: “Glasses that Made Google Short-Sighted: Author Explores How Change Happens and Why It Often Fails — Including the Tech Company's Specs” reviewed Professor Damon Centola’s book Change.

Nature: “The Key to Social Change, Free Will on Trial, and an Astrophysicist on a Visit from Extraterrestrials: Books in Brief” reviewed Professor Damon Centola’s book Change.

Professor Damon Centola was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Next Big Idea Club: “Change: How Big Things Happen” was written by Professor Damon Centola.

Character Lab: “Tell Me Something Funny: Make 'Em Laugh — and Remember” was written by Professor Emily Falk.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

CaMP Anthropology Blog: “Jessa Lingel Talks about Craigslist” interviewed Professor Jessa Lingel.

No Alibis Radio Show highlighted a forthcoming special issue of Progressive Librarian co-edited by Professor Jessa Lingel.

NPR: “The Capitol Siege: The Arrested and Their Stories” interviewed Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Penn Today: “More Thoughts on the State of American Democracy” quoted Professor Diana C. Mutz.

Washington Post: “The Fairness Doctrine Won’t Solve Our Problems — But It Can Foster Needed Debate” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

Professor Victor Pickard was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

mindCORE: "Q&A with Andy Tan" interviewed Professor Andy Tan.

Penn Today: “Five Questions about the New White House Press Secretary” quoted Professor Barbie Zelizer.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Stacey Abrams Discusses Founding Fair Fight, Southern Progressivism at Annenberg Event” quoted Visiting Scholar Ben Jealous.

Penn Today: “A Conversation with Stacey Abrams” quoted Visiting Scholar Ben Jealous.

Under the Influence Podcast: “A More Perfect Mother” interviewed Postdoctoral Fellow Emily Hund. [AUDIO]

34th Street Magazine: “A Pandemic Within the Pandemic: The Rise of Digital Abuse During COVID–19” quoted Doctoral Student Sophie Maddocks.

Awards & Honors

Alum Pawel Popiel (Ph.D. ’20) was named the 2021-2023 George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg School. [READ MORE]

At the (Virtual) Podium

The following Annenberg faculty, students, and staff presented research at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco (SRNT): Professor Emily Falk, Professor David Lydon-Staley, Professor Andy Tan, Research Director Nicole Cooper, Postdoctoral Fellow Bradley Mattan, Doctoral Student Mary E. Andrews, Research Coordinator Elaine Hanby.

The Annenberg School cosponsored a panel discussion, featuring Professor Damon Centola, entitled “Dissecting Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Look at the Attack on the Capitol.”

Professor Damon Centola gave a book talk on his new book Change to the Action Design Philly: Behavioral Science Meetup Group.

Professor Sandra González-Bailón gave a talk entitled “Automated Accounts and the Spread of Information on Social Media” as part of the Women in Network Science Seminar series.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson gave a talk entitled “The Resilience of American Democracy” at the University of Minnesota.

Professor Jessa Lingel gave a talk entitled “The Gentrification of the Internet: A Rallying Cry for More Internet Freedom” as part of the NC LIVE Distinguished Speakers series.

Professor Andy Tan was a mindCORE Seminar speaker.

Professor Julia Ticona was a panelist for an event entitled “A Future for all Workers: Technology and Worker Power,” hosted by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

The Annenberg School cosponsored “A Conversation with Stacey Abrams,” moderated by Visiting Scholar Ben Jealous.

The Annenberg Conversations on Race series welcomed alum Shawnika Hull (Ph.D. ‘10) for a discussion with Visiting Scholar Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins entitled “Health, Wealth, and Racial Opportunity.”

Postdoctoral Fellow Jinsook Kim gave a Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication colloquium address entitled “Sticky Activism: Online Misogyny and Feminist Anti-Hate Activism in South Korea.”

Postdoctoral Fellow Fernanda R. Rosa gave a talk entitled “The Internet from the South: An Ethnography of Code and Infrastructure” at Cornell University.

Postdoctoral Fellow Richard Stupart gave a Center for Media at Risk colloquium address entitled “’It’s Not an Easy Kind of Practice Here’: Journalism and its Challenges in South Sudan.”

Postdoctoral Fellow LaCharles Ward gave an Annenberg School lecture entitled “Too Much and Too Little: Race, Photography, and the Limits of Legal Seeing.”

Doctoral Candidate Mohammed A. Salih was a panelist for an event entitled “Potential Opportunities and Challenges for the Middle East and Kurdistan Under Biden’s US,” hosted by The Media Line.

The Center on Digital Culture & Society welcomed Alexandrea Ravenelle for a colloquium address entitled “(Side) Hustle and Gig: Struggling and Surviving in the Sharing Economy, COVID Edition.”

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Series welcomed John Sides for a lecture entitled “Body Politic: Disgust Sensitivity, Partisanship, and Public Opinion on Viral Outbreaks.”

The Media, Inequality & Change Center welcomed Andrea Wenzel for a book talk on her book Community-Centered Journalism: Engaging People, Exploring Solutions, and Building Trust.

The Media, Inequality & Change Center welcomed alum Dan Schiller (Ph.D. '78) for a talk entitled “A History of Telecommunications and US Empire.”

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