ASC@Penn News Digest, April 2021


Book Chapters

Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff: “Design Discourse” and “Design Muss Sinn Machen. Zu Einer Neuen Designtheorie” in Der Offenbacher Ansatz: Zur Theorie der Produktsprache (Transcript)

Journal Articles

Professor Joseph N. Cappella and Professor Andrew A. Strasser: “Effects of Advertising Features on Smokers’ and Non-Smokers’ Perceptions of a Reduced Nicotine Cigarette Modified Risk Tobacco Product” (Tobacco Control)

Professor Victor Pickard: “Unseeing Propaganda: How Communication Scholars Learned to Love Commercial Media” (Misinformation Review)

Doctoral Candidate Lauren Bridges: “Infrastructural Obfuscation: Unpacking the Carceral Logics of the Ring Surveillant Assemblage” (Information, Communication & Society)

Doctoral Student Rachel Xian: “Conditioning Constructs: A Psychological Theory of International Negotiated Cooperation” (International Negotiation)

In the Media

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Penn Professors Discuss the Need to Dismantle Racial Bias in the Media at Virtual Event” quoted Dean John L. Jackson, Jr. and Professor Sarah J. Jackson.

Daily Pennsylvanian: “Penn and USC Establish Annenberg Center for Collaborative Communication” quoted Dean John L. Jackson, Jr.

Professor Damon Centola was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets: 

Penn Today: “Untapped Insights, Network Dynamics, and a Unique Approach to NBA Scouting” is an excerpt from Professor Damon Centola’s book Change.

New York Times: “Zoom Burnout Is Real, and It’s Worse for Women” quoted Professor Emily Falk.

Poynter: “Why and How to Proactively Incorporate Public Health Knowledge into Fact-Checking” was written by Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets: 

FastCompany: “When Broadband Monopolies Pushed Out Scrappy Local ISPs, We All Suffered” is an excerpt from Professor Jessa Lingel’s forthcoming book The Gentrification of the Internet.

Professor Jessa Lingel was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets:

Penn Today: “Four Penn Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Sciences” featured Professor Diana C. Mutz.

The Hill: “Why Local Journalism Must Be Considered Infrastructure” was written by Professor Victor Pickard.

Professor Victor Pickard was quoted or interviewed in the following media outlets:

Boston Globe: “Big Tobacco Is Coming for Legal Marijuana” was written by Professor Andy Tan.

The Conversation: “Shhhh, They’re Listening — Inside the Coming Voice-Profiling Revolution” was written by Professor Joseph Turow.

Professor Duncan J. Watts was interviewed or quoted in the following media outlets: 

MSU Press Podcast: “Engaging Social Media in China: Platforms, Publics, and Production” interviewed Professor Guobin Yang. [AUDIO]

Penn Today: “A Link between Gun Violence on TV and Firearm Deaths” quoted Research Director Dan Romer and Research Director Patrick Jamieson.

The Hill: “As the Chauvin Trial Continues, the US Must Reinvent Public Safety” was written by Visiting Scholar Benjamin Todd Jealous.

Munk Global Conversations: “Feminist Activism and Global Digital Media in South Korea” interviewed Postdoctoral Fellow Jinsook Kim. [AUDIO]

Research News at Vanderbilt: “Research Snapshot: Media Consumption and Political Attentiveness Data Shed New Light on Political Polarization in U.S.” quoted Postdoctoral Fellow Jin Woo Kim.

Green Rocks: “Greenland is Set to Oust a Rare Earths Mine that's in the Crosshairs of Global Industries” quoted Doctoral Candidate Zane Griffin Talley Cooper.

PhillyCAM’s Diamond in the Ruff: “Men’s Forum” interviewed Doctoral Student Antoine Haywood. [VIDEO]

Philadelphia Citizen: “Demand Responsible Cleanup at PES” was written by Doctoral Candidate Helene Langlamet.

For the Center for Media at Risk, Doctoral Student Louisa Lincoln interviewed journalist Gabe Schneider.

Philadelphia Community Podcast: “COVID-19 Vaccine Facts with” interviewed Staff Member Lori Robertson and Staff Member D’Angelo Gore.

Awards & Honors

Professor Diana C. Mutz was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. [READ MORE]

The Society for Cinema and Media Studies awarded Postdoctoral Fellow Jinsook Kim the 2021 Honorable Mention in the Dissertation Award category for “Contesting Hate: Online Misogyny and Networked Anti-Hate Feminist Activism in South Korea.”

Postdoctoral Fellow Samantha Moore-Berg was named the inaugural Emile Bruneau Postdoctoral Fellow. [READ MORE]

The Annenberg Public Policy Center’s civics film “Freedom of Assembly: National Socialist Party v. Skokie” received a Platinum Hermes Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals., a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, was nominated for a Webby Award and named the top nonpartisan news source for COVID-19 coverage by The Factual.

At the (Virtual) Podium

Dean John L. Jackson, Jr. and Professor Sarah J. Jackson both spoke at the Building the Fugitive Academy conference, hosted by Boston College.

Professor Emeritus Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. and Professor Emeritus Elihu Katz both gave keynote addresses at the "What is Communication?" speaker series sponsored by the University of Oregon.

Professor Sandra González-Bailón gave a talk as part of the Tech + Democracy Seminar series, hosted by the Centre for Cognition, Computation, & Modelling at the University of London.

Professor Sarah J. Jackson was a panelist at the Archiving the Black Web conference, and she delivered a talk entitled “Anti-Racism and Communication Studies” as part of the Dean’s Speakers Series at Tulane University.

Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson organized a retreat with The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands and the National Academy of Sciences on the importance of scientific nomenclature; conducted White House Fellows media training; spoke at the Forum of Executive Women; and spoke to a Society of General Internal Medicine workshop about how to counter misinformation about vaccines.

The Annenberg Conversations on Race series welcomed Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor for a discussion with Professor Jessa Lingel on “Re-Imagining Connections between Academia and Activism.”

Organized by Professor Jessa Lingel, the Media, Inequality & Change Center welcomed Michael O’Bryan, Kee Tobar, Ras Cutlas Mashramani, and Carmel Brown for a panel discussion entitled “Mental Health and Abolition: Racism, Policing, and Care.”

Professor Victor Pickard gave a book talk at the American Journalism Project and was an invited panelist at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism’s Policy Exchange Forum on “Replanting” Newspapers event.

Professor Barbie Zelizer delivered a keynote address at the 2021 Comparative Media Studies in Today's World conference.

Lecturer Murali Balaji organized and moderated a panel discussion entitled “Understanding Anti-AAPI Sentiment and Violence,” which featured guest speakers Josephine Park, Ti-Hua Chang, and Nydia Han.

The Center for Media at Risk welcomed d. Sabela grimes for a film discussion with Mediamaker-in-Residence Maori Karmael Holmes and Doctoral Student Farrah Rahaman.

Visiting Scholar Craig Synder gave a talk entitled “How the Political Communications Profession Helped Divide America.”

At the D.C. Health Communication Conference, Doctoral Student Mary Andrews gave a talk entitled “The Intersection of Race, Sexual Orientation, and Gender in Perceived Argument Strength of Anti-Smoking Messages.”

The Center for Media at Risk welcomed Galina Espinoza and Imani Gandy for a panel discussion entitled “Sex, Power, & Democracy,” moderated by Doctoral Student Sophie Maddocks.

Doctoral Candidate Chloé Nurik was a panelist for “Banned! Gender and Censorship,” hosted by Carlow University.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center co-sponsored a conference entitled “Left of Launch: Communication and Threat Escalation in a Nuclear Age.”

CAMRA hosted its annual Screening Scholarship Media Festival.

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication hosted the 2021 CARGC Fellows Early Career Symposium. [WATCH VIDEO]

The Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication welcomed Katy Pearce for a colloquium talk entitled “Socially Mediated Visibility in Socially and Politically Authoritarian Societies.”

The Center on Digital Culture and Society hosted a symposium entitled “Cybernationalism and the World: Populism, Identity, and Symbolic Politics in the Digital Age.”

The Elihu Katz Colloquium Series welcomed Dana Mastro for a lecture entitled “Threat as News: Examining the Ways that News Coverage of Immigration Constrains Marginalized Groups.”

The Media, Inequality & Change Center welcomed Yaseen Aslam, James Farrar, Zweli Ngwenya, Ali Razak, and Tonje Ettesvoll for a panel discussion entitled “Gig Workers Strike Back.”

The Undergraduate Program hosted its annual senior thesis presentation session, which included presentations from 10 Communication majors.