Annenberg Presentations at the 2012 NCA Annual Conference

Annenberg students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty present their research at the 2012 National Communication Association annual conference in Orlando, FL. A rundown of activities follows.    

  Rosemary Avance

Canonic Restraints or Self-determinism? Considering Marginality and Belonging among the Mormons; Testimony and Community: A Comparison of Evangelical and Mormon Conversion Stories as Cultural Metacommunication   Respondent: Public COMMunities: Religion and Forms of Civic Engagement

  Emily Brennan, Ph.D. Examining a Pathway of Effects through Which Supportive Anti-smoking Messages may Lead to Changes in Quitting-related Beliefs, Intentions, and Behaviors
  Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D. Presenter – Opening Ceremony – NCA Opening Session: Celebrating What Unites Us as a Communication Community   Presenter – NCA Town Hall: Continuing the Conversation of What Unites the Communication Community
  Sun-ha Hong Gaddafi/Tyrant: Strategic Narratives and the Ethics of Global News
  Robert Hornik, Ph.D. Susan Mello Heather Forquer Andy Tan Mihaela Johson J. Sanford Schwartz Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial Testing the Effects of Routine Health Information Exposure on Cancer Prevention and Screening Behaviors
  Rowan Howard-Williams Witnessing Risk: Discourses of Scientific and Lay Knowledge in Climate Change Campaigning
  Sojung C. Kim Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Cancer Patients through Integrated E-Health Intervention: A Theory-based Meditation Approach
  Lauren Kogen, Ph.D. Defining the Geographic Boundaries of the U.S. Public Sphere: Can We Go Global?
  Kyung Lee Fighting in the Shadow of the Past: The Mobilizing Role of Vernacular Memories of the 1987 Pro-democracy Movement in the 2008 Candlelight Protests in Korea
  Sungkyoung Lee, Ph.D. Joseph Cappella, Ph.D. Distraction Effect of Smoking Cues in Health-related Message Processing: Examining Resource Allocation to Antismoking PSAs as a Function of Smoking Cues and Argument
  Debora Lui Touching the Liberty Bell: Affect and Expectation in Ritual
  Susan Mello Andy Tan Katrina Armstrong, MD J. Sanford Schwartz, MD Robert Hornik, Ph.D. Anxiety and Depression among Cancer Survivors: The Role of Engagement with Sources of Emotional Support Information  
  Danielle Naugle The Effects of Individual Exposure to Obesity Information in the Media on Select Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes  
  Alexandra Sastre Hispanic Explosion: Hispanic Market Construction in Advertising Age from 1981-2011
  Christine Skubisz, Ph.D. Expelled for Committing a Violent Act: Framing the Risk of a Violent Student on Campus
  Sijia Yang A Model Based on Normative Theories: How Internet Use and Skills in the Long Run Impact the Watchdog Role of the Web and Political Cynicism of Chinese Netizens
  Barbie Zelizer, Ph.D. Respondent: George Herbert Mead Lecture Series