2010 ICA Presentations by Annenberg Students and Faculty

Barbie Zelizer, Ph.D., the Raymond Williams Professor of Communication and Past President of the International Communication Association (ICA), delivered the keynote address during the ICA annual conference in Singapore last month. The title of her keynote was "Journalism in the Service of Communication."

Abstract: How do news images work simultaneously as vehicles of both information relay and collective memory? This talk will address the formulaic ways in which images, via their incorporation as news, function both to provide the public with information and to shape the public’s collective memory. The talk will argue that frequently collective memory is addressed at the expense of information relay, raising questions as to whether or not images work as well as they might in giving the public what it needs to see about news events, issues and problems.

Other students and faculty who presented at ICA include:

Young Min Baek, Joseph N. Cappella, Caryn Lerman, & Andrew Strasser - "Predictive Model of Effective Antismoking Arguments Using Computerized Text Analysis: Personal, Textual Features, and Their Interaction​"

Young Min Baek & Angela Lee - "Minority Comparison Model: Effects of Whites’ Multiracial Evaluation on Sympolic Racism and Racialized Policy Preferences​"

Angel Bourgoin, Taressa Fraze, & Robert Hornik - "Accounting for Differences in Cancer Patients' Information-Seeking Behavior"

Susanna Dilliplane - "All the News You Want to Hear: The Impact of Partisan News Consumption on Political Participation" (received top paper award)

Jeffrey A. Gottfried - "Pluralism and Democratic Legitimacy: Election News Exposure in Hungary, Taiwan, and the United States"

Jeffrey A. Gottfried, Eran Ben-Porath, & Kathleen Hall Jamieson (with James Gibson) - "How Judicial Advertising Can Mobilize Voters: An Experimental Study of the 2007 Pennsylvania Judicial Election"

Jeffrey A. Gottfried & Heidi Khaled - "Taking News Less Seriously: CNN's Shirts as a Rebranding Strategy During the 2008 Presidential Election"

Eun Ja Her (with Jae-Hyun Lee) - "Time Sense and Multiplexity of Media Use: Who is the Beneficiary of New Media Environment?"

Hyun Suk Kim, Cabral A. BigmanCaryn Lerman, & Joseph N. Cappella (with Amy Leader) - "Narrative Health Communication and Behavior Change: The Influence of Exemplars in the News on Intention to Quit Smoking"

Lauren Kogen - "Defined and Delivered: Social Networks, Homophily, Theory, and the Risks of Online Targeted Advertising"

Lauren Kogen - "I Knew It All Along! Evaluating Time-of-Decision Measures in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign"

Klaus Krippendorff - "Discourse and its Artifacts: Technology and Language Use"

Angela Lee - "What Does the Audience Want? Understanding Media Choices by Examining the 2009 Presidential Inauguration"

Kyung Lee - "The Practice of an Extraordinary Life: The Role of Media in the Spread of Cultural Items and Practices Across Borders"

Nehama Lewis, Lourdes Martinez, Derek Feres, Rebekah Nagler, Angel Bourgoin, & Robert Hornik - "Information Seeking From Media and Family/Friends Increases Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Cancer Patients"

Joel Penney - "What Were They Thinking?! Discipline, Hegemony, and Pleasure in Worse-Dressed Celebrities Discourse"

Mario Rodriguez - "Physiognomy & Freakery: The Joker on Film"

Elizabeth Roodhouse - "Obama, Pro or Con? Partisan Media and Cross-Pressured Voters in the 2008 Election"

Andy Tan, Derek Feres, & Robert Hornik (with Katrina ArmstrongJ. Sanford Schwartz, & Stacy W. Gray) - "Information Seeking and the Age Disparity in Receiving Adjuvant Chemtherapy Among Colorectal Cancer Patients"

Oleysa Venger - "For the World to Know: Engineering Messages of Protest During Color Revolutions"

Khadijah White - "Black Down Under"

Ken Winneg - "Online Political Participation in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election: Mobilizing or Reinforcing?"