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Uploaded on 03 May 2019

The second panel from the MIC Launch event of April 12, 2019 was entitled “Perspectives on the Future of Local Journalism.” It considered what a truly public media system might look like. Practitioners and scholars discussed issues related to local journalism such as organizing newsrooms, democratizing communication infrastructure, and creating media institutions that are owned and controlled by journalists and local communities.

Moderator: Bryan Mercer, Executive Director of the Media Mobilizing Project Panelists: Christopher Ali, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia; Craig Aaron, President and CEO, Free Press; Jean Friedman Rudovsky, Co-Executive Director, Resolve Philadelphia; and Sarah Jaffe, Fellow, Type Media Center.

Uploaded on 03 May 2019

The first panel of the MIC launch event from April 12, 2019 was entitled “Confronting the Journalism Crisis: Threats and Policy Approaches.” It laid out some of the major structural challenges facing journalism, what is at stake, and what policy interventions and activist projects are needed to reinvent our news media. Panelists provided big picture analyses of the journalism crisis and proposed policy recommendations for creating new models.

Moderator: Barbie Zelizer, Professor, Annenberg School for Communication. Panelists: Des Freedman, Professor of Media and Communication Studies, Goldsmiths University of London; Michael Copps, Special Advisor, Common Cause; Caitlin Petre, Assistant Professor of Journalism & Media Studies, School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University-New Brunswick; and Matt Stoller, Fellow, Open Markets.

Uploaded on 30 Apr 2019

Our society faces a critical juncture. On one hand, we are in a moment of rapid technological advancement that creates greater communication, information sharing, and numerous democratic possibilities. On the other hand, we see a collapsing commercial model for journalism, monopolistic platforms that spread misinformation with little accountability, more economic insecurity, and a debased political process.

In the keynote address on April 11, 2019, entitled “From Super Brands to Surveillance Capitalism,” Annenberg Dean John L. Jackson, Jr. spoke with Rutgers University Professor Naomi Klein.