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Uploaded on 04 Oct 2016

Successful efforts to address population health issues of our time, including rates of obesity, cigarette smoking, and prescription pain medication abuse, require multi-sector engagement in efforts to improve physical, social, and economic environments to encourage healthy behavior. Public and policymaker support for these efforts are essential for their passage, but food, cigarette, and pharmaceutical industry opposition to many of these efforts are widespread and well-funded. This talk reports on two recent studies that refine and test communication theories of competitive framing, inoculation, and narrative persuasion in efforts to offset industry opposition and increase public and policymaker support for policies designed to reduce rates of obesity, cigarette smoking, and prescription pain medication abuse.

Jeff Niederdeppe, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Cornell University. His research examines the mechanisms and effects of mass media campaigns, strategic health messages, and news coverage in shaping health behavior, health disparities, and social policy. He has published over 85 peer-reviewed articles in communication, public health, health policy, and medicine journals, and his work has been funded in recent years by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, United States Department of Agriculture, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, among others. He received the Lewis Donohew Outstanding Scholar in Health Communication Award in 2014 and serves on the editorial boards for five communication journals. He is a 2006 graduate of the Annenberg School for Communication. 

Uploaded on 30 Sep 2016

It is well-established that exposure to tobacco marketing contributes heavily to youth tobacco use, but less is known about the specific advertising tactics driving this effect. This presentation presents data from two studies - a secondary analysis of Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health study data and a content analysis of American Spirit ads - to begin uncovering the tobacco advertising tactics that most appeal to youth. This work ultimately identifies "high impact" marketing tactics that contribute heavily to youth tobacco use behavior.

A copy of the slides from this presentation can be downloaded here:

Uploaded on 30 Sep 2016

This talk gives a historical overview of the cigar industry and patterns of consumption.  Trends in use are considered in the context of the diverse tobacco market.  Special emphasis is given to the industry’s pattern of exploiting policy and regulatory loopholes.

Uploaded on 26 Sep 2016

Adolescent use of e-cigarettes has increased dramatically in recent years.  It’s important to get a better understanding of factors that influence adolescents use of e-cigarettes.

Uploaded on 21 Sep 2016

Doctoral Student Christin Scholz, a member of Professor Emily Falk’s Communication Neuroscience Lab, talks about her research on how ideas spread from person to person and what makes Annenberg such a special place for her.