Graduate Student Videos

Uploaded on 28 Mar 2016

Ph.D. student Jazmyne Sutton talks about her interest in health communication, specifically on how people find and process information to help them make complex health decisions. 

Uploaded on 11 Nov 2015

Doctoral Candidate Sandra Ristovska's presentation at IAMCR's Tribute to Stuart Hall. Plenary Session, Hyderabad, India, 2014.

Uploaded on 27 May 2015

Research from the DiMeNet Group on "Network Effects in the Academic Market: Mechanisms for Hiring and Placing Ph.D.s in Communication (2007–2014)." (Journal of Communication,


Uploaded on 21 Feb 2015

There is a significant risk to your privacy whenever you visit a health-related web page. An analysis of over 80,000 such web pages shows that nine out of ten visits result in personal health information being leaked to third parties, including online advertisers and data brokers. Annenberg doctoral student Tim Libert explains.

Uploaded on 30 Jan 2015

December 11, 2014: Annenberg's Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication presented an Annenberg doctoral student panel featuring Elisabetta Ferrari, Kevin Gotkin, Katerina Girginova, Yoel Roth, and Deborah Lui. Through an array of bite-sized presentations this panel introduces a diverse set of contexts then explores and theorizes their user generated content (UGC) as a generative, complex and contentious creative practice.