Graduate Student Videos

Uploaded on 19 Feb 2020

What is it like to be a Ph.D. student in Communication? We followed five doctoral students at the Annenberg School to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the daily activities that go into earning a Ph.D.

Uploaded on 18 Oct 2019

What is net neutrality? Why does it matter to Americans? And what does it mean that net neutrality has been repealed? Check out this short explainer from Annenberg School for Communication Doctoral Candidate David Elliot Berman, co-author with Professor Victor Pickard of the book After Net Neutrality: A New Deal for the Digital Age (Yale University Press).

Uploaded on 18 Sep 2019

Born out of an interest in how journalists are protected worldwide, Doctoral Candidate Jennifer R. Henrichsen is now exploring the way that journalists adopt information security technologies, and the reasons that they can be reluctant to employ them.

Uploaded on 28 Aug 2019

Doctoral Student María Celeste Wagner talks about her path from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the Annenberg School for Communication in Philadelphia. She also describes her research into the ways people respond to arguments against sexual harassment based on the gender of the author.

Uploaded on 08 Feb 2019

Doctoral Student Prateekshit Pandey studies the neuroscience of humor and how it affects the way our brain processes persuasive messages. A member of the Communication Neuroscience Lab run by his advisor, Professor Emily Falk, Pandey also talks about his background in computer science and how he chose the Annenberg School.