Global and Comparative Communication Videos

Uploaded on 30 Jan 2015

December 11, 2014: Annenberg's Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication presented an Annenberg doctoral student panel featuring Elisabetta Ferrari, Kevin Gotkin, Katerina Girginova, Yoel Roth, and Deborah Lui. Through an array of bite-sized presentations this panel introduces a diverse set of contexts then explores and theorizes their user generated content (UGC) as a generative, complex and contentious creative practice. 

Uploaded on 30 Jan 2015

December 1, 2014:  Annenberg's Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication and the University of Pennsylvania’s  Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures presented a seminar by PARGC Postdoctoral Fellow Maria Repnikova. Repnikova’s presentation, “Propaganda and Competing Discourses During the Sochi Olympics” was co-written by Elena Minina who was unable to attend. Their presentation critically assessed the potential for Russian media to play a propaganda role during critical events, providing important insights about the evolution of the Russian regime with regard to the management of the media and public opinion in the post-digital era.

Uploaded on 23 Jan 2015

"From Leaflets to Live Stream: Protest Movements and their Media Practices," a lecture by Anne Kaun, a postdoctoral research fellow at Södertörn University, Stockholm.

Uploaded on 17 Dec 2014

The Annenberg Center for Global Communication Studies and the Internet Policy Observatory present a talk by Emad Khazraee, "Cartography of Iran's Online Publics: The Political Landscape of Persian Twitter in 2013."

Uploaded on 25 Nov 2014

This seminar is part of the CGCS’ Internet Policy Observatory lunchtime series. Mathias Klang is an Associate Professor at the University of Göteborg. His principle research focuses on the ways in which communication technologies both enable and control our social interactions. Within this area he is especially interested in the impacts of technology on human rights.