The Drexel InterView, Featuring Klaus Krippendorff

Klaus Krippendorff with David Raizman, The Drexel InterView (Season 13)

The Drexel InterView, a unit of the Pennoni Honors College of Drexel University, is hosted by best-selling author, critic, and Drexel University Distinguished Professor Paula Marantz Cohen. The Drexel InterView features a half-hour conversation with a nationally known or emerging talent in the arts, culture, science, or business.

Design scholar, communication professor at the Annenberg School, and author of the classic work "The Semantic Turn: A New Foundation for Design" Klaus Krippendorff and art history/interior design professor David Raizman are both experts in the study of design as it relates to art and user functionality. In this special episode of The Drexel InterView paying tribute to the 125th Anniversary of Drexel University—where “art, science, and industry” are at the institutional core—Host Paula Marantz Cohen delves into discussion with Krippendorff and Raizman about the transformative power of design, as well as the intersection of design, culture, technology, and art aesthetics in a global market.