Faculty Videos

Uploaded on 06 May 2021

In his new book, "The Voice Catchers: How Marketers Listen In to Exploit Your Feelings, Your Privacy, and Your Wallet," Joseph Turow pulls the curtain back on a marketing practice that most consumers aren't aware of: marketers using your voice as biometric data to manipulate you. Read more about the book at Yale University Press.

Music by Chad Crouch

Uploaded on 21 Apr 2021

We're all impacted by health messages, but we're not all impacted in the same way. In this video, Professor Andy Tan discusses his healthcare background and how his research on health communication disparities aims to mitigate discrimination against LGBTQ populations.

Uploaded on 21 Apr 2021

In her new book, Professor Jessa Lingel argues that much like our cities, the internet has become gentrified, dominated by the interests of business and capital rather than the interests of the people who use it. For more on the book, visit the University of California Press site.

Uploaded on 09 Mar 2021

All of us are influenced by the networks around us, from the ties that link us to friends and family to social media and their news feeds. Increasingly, what we see and who we hear from are determined by digital technologies. In this video, Annenberg School for Communication Associate Professor Sandra González-Bailón talks about her work on the networks that are quietly shaping our lives.

Uploaded on 12 Jan 2021

In an experiment in which people were asked to categorize unfamiliar shapes, individuals and small groups created many different unique categorization systems while large groups created systems that were nearly identical to one another. Damon Centola, Professor of Communication, Sociology, and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, explains his new study on how categorization happens at the population level.