Alumni Videos

Uploaded on 03 Dec 2014

Helping others – and graciously accepting help – is on the mind of Paul Falzone (Gr ’08) year-round.  The Annenberg alumnus is leveraging his knowledge of using video for video advocacy and the knowledge of fellow Annenberg alumni to make a difference in Uganda.

Falzone is chair of Peripheral Vision International, the nonprofit organization that is producing NewzBeat, a new program set to rap music in order to garner the attention of Uganda’s younger population.

Along the way he’s turned NewzBeat into – arguably – the CNN of Uganda.

Uploaded on 23 Aug 2014

While he was a George Gerbner Post Doctoral Fellow at Annenberg, Dan Berger, Ph.D. (Gr '10) wrote The Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism (Rutgers University Press, October 2010), a collection of compelling essays that provide insight into the ways that radical social movements shaped American political culture in the 1970s and how they continue to do so today.

Uploaded on 23 Aug 2014

Andy S.L. Tan, Ph.D. (Gr '13) now a researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, sat down for an interview while he was a graduate student to talk about why he was pursuing a degree in communication. 

Uploaded on 23 Aug 2014

During his graduate studies at Annenberg, Aymar Jean Christian, Ph.D. (Gr '12) talked about his interest in studying communication. Dr. Christian is now an assistant professor of communication at Northwestern University.

Uploaded on 23 Aug 2014

During her graduate studies at Annenberg, alumna Loi Sessions Goulet (Gr '12) talked about why seeking a doctoral degree from Annenberg was the right move for her.