Health Care Podcast Tradeoffs to Launch at Penn

Veteran radio journalist Dan Gorenstein is being collaboratively supported by three University of Pennsylvania entities, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the California Health Care Foundation in the launch of a new media outlet producing in-depth podcast reports analyzing topical health care issues.

ScholarlyCommons Boosts Annenberg's Global Reach

ScholarlyCommons is the University of Pennsylvania's open-access online home for academic work, including journal articles, dissertations, and research papers. Below are a few facts and graphics showcasing the Annenberg School's contributions to ScholarlyCommons.

map of downloads

ScholarlyCommons contains more than 1200 papers authored by Annenberg faculty and students. These have been downloaded over 1.5 million times since January 2008.

Control Societies Speaker Series Awarded Additional Year of Grant Funding

As part of an ongoing University-wide initiative to foster diversity and inclusion, the Excellence Through Diversity Fund, awarded annually by the Provost’s office, provides Penn faculty with resources to launch interdisciplinary projects related to diversity and inclusion. When Ezekiel Dixon-Román first received the grant in the 2016-17 academic year, he had precisely this type of forward-thinking project idea in mind.

CAMRA Receives $250,000 Grant from Mellon Foundation

It’s not hard to accept the idea that a journal article or a book fits the definition of “scholarship.” But what about a film? Or a podcast? Or dance?

The aim of CAMRA at the University of Pennsylvania is to support students doing multimodal research, and whose output can be represented by images and sounds, rather than just the printed page. As one of the group’s core activities, CAMRA’s collective of graduate students serve as mentors to an annually-chosen group of undergraduate fellows.


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