Graduate Program

Sasha Costanza-Chock on the CRIS Campaign

"The CRIS Campaign: Mobilizations and Blind Spots" by Sasha Costanza-Chock, MA candidate, appears in the latest issue of Media and Development, a quarterly publication of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). The article examines with a critical eye the strengths and weaknesses of the CRIS (Communication Rights in the Information Society) campaign. Costanza-Chock is coordinator of the CRIS-Youth Arm.

Rachel Gans on The Newseum and Collective Memory

"The Newseum and Collective Memory: Narrowed Choices, Limited Voices, and Rhetoric of Freedom" by PhD candidate Rachel M. Gans appears in the Journal of Communication Inquiry (October 2002, volume 26, number 4). The article examines the narrative of the Newseum using the concepts of collective memory, the public sphere, and political economy. Ms. Gans contends that the Newseum presents a narrative that is unresponsive to real criticism of the press, limits visitor's ability to explore alternative ideas, and does so while invoking collective memory and a rhetoric of freedom.

Anca Romantan reports on the Junior Scholars Network Section at the 2001 IAMCR Conference

Anca Romantan reported on the Junior Scholars Network Section at the International Association of Mass Communication Researchers Conference in Budapest, September 6-8, 2001 in the second issue of Intersections (Winter 2001, volume 1, number 2). She also presented a paper at the Conference, along with fellow PhD candidate Mihaela Popescu, analyzing the tension between commonality and difference in the discursive construction of Romanian and Hungarian national identities.

ASC Alumna Lisa Judson Named President of Warner Bros. Animation

Lisa Judson (MA ’82) has been named president of Warner Bros. Animation. Along with being responsible for all aspects of Warner Bros. Animation’s development and production activities, Judson will spearhead the division’s broadband and new media/digital efforts. She will also hold general oversight of the division’s marketing, business affairs, legal and administrative teams. Further, she will oversee direct-to-consumer animated production and work with the company’s consumer products team and other divisions.


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