Students standing in the Plaza Lobby of the Annenberg School Building

Annenberg School for Communication faculty, students, and staff work in four different buildings on the University of Pennsylvania campus. 

The Annenberg School for Communication primary location at 3620 Walnut Street houses the school's administrative offices; faculty and student offices; Annenberg School Library; Paul Messaris Media Laboratory; and classrooms used to teach Communication and other Penn courses. It is also the primary site for research centers including the Center for Media at RiskInstitute for Public Service; Network Dynamics Group; and the Penn Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science.


The Annenberg Public Policy Center at 202 S. 36th Street houses FactCheck.org; FlackCheck.org; Adolescent Health and Risk Communication Institute; Adolescent Communication Institute; the Lenore Annenberg Institute for Civics; Lenore Annenberg Scholarship, Fellowship, and School Funds; the American Academy of Political and Social Science; and numerous other research projects. 


Two floors of 3901 Walnut Street house three of the Annenberg School's research centers: the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication, the Media, Inequality & Change Center, and the Center for Health Behavior and Communication Research.



The Richards Medical Research Laboratories building has offices and research space for the Communication Neuroscience Lab and the Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab.